Sunday, April 26, 2009

OFBiz second release is out this month!

OFBiz (Open For Business) second release is out this month. This time it employs a time based version system based on the date of release, similar to the Ubuntu Linux version numbers. The second release is called release9.04.

This release has brought many other things, one of them is the new revived looks of the OFBiz site ( In this new site project resources are easily accessible so to help people to get started and more involved with OFBiz.

The new release has many features over the last release and includes support for themes, configurable screen portal support, new functionality in eCommerce (like one page checkout, new profile to manage multiple addresses in a easier and better way ), new sales force automation, web-based POS and much more.

In addition to improvements in these areas there have been significant improvements in production stability, quality, and security (including protection from XSS, XSRF, and other vulnerabilities common to web-based software).

Monday, December 15, 2008

Getting a breather ...

My cousin will be in India this week. I will also be going home for just over a week. This would be a chance to meet all of my family members together after a period of over 3 years.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

I missed my best friend's wedding

Today is one of my best friend's (Jagmeet Luthra) wedding and I wish I could be at home with him at the wedding ceremony.

I can not explain what I am feeling to not to be part of the ceremony but I am very happy for him.

My best wishes to him and his wife.

My First visit to USA, Salt Lake City

This is my first visit to United States of America and I am at my company headquarters in Salt Lake City, Utah. My main purpose of visit is to attend ApacheCon in New Orleans along with my colleagues from SLC, New York, Italy, India. I will be staying for one week in UTAH followed by another week at New Orleans. After the conference I will also be visiting my brother in Virginia for three days.

And here is a little summary of my travel and stay so far .......

I took a flight from Indore, India in evening on 25th Oct. to Mumbai to catch an international flight to JFK, New York. Flight to JFK was about 16 hrs and I reached JFK at 7:40 AM. I had another connecting flight to Salt Lake City, Utah at 9 AM and I hardly made it to board the flight.

It was fun to catch the flights at last minute at Mumbai and JFK.

Many thanks to Tim Ruppert to come and pick me up from the Airport in Salt Lake City.

So far I am enjoying my stay here very much. I am staying at an apartment at Belvedere 7, opposite to Key Bank building with one of my company partner - Jacopo Cappellato.

It is nice to have a company of nice gentlemen.

Many thanks to Mike Bates and his wife Phoenix to invite me and Jacopo on dinner. We tried a good hand on pumkins for Halloween.

I am also very thankful to Tim Ruppert and his wife Marcy for a wonderful dinner at their home on the eve of Holloween along with Tim's friend Brian, Jenniffer, Jody ....

more later ....