Saturday, March 6, 2010

Why people can't think simple ...

I have found that people tend to solve real problems with very complex routines in software industry. My first thought always is that a problem can be solved with a very simple approach. This approach has various benefits like it is easier for other people to understand the solution of the problem, less amount of code is required, code is less buggy, maintaining code over the lifetime of the project is easier and etc. etc.

I thought that this problem exists only in software industry and not in real world (I should rather have said rest of the world, people who are not in software industry :)). But I was completely wrong and to get me wrong I found the example in my own house :)

Last week I purchased a dishwasher and thought it will help reducing the time in cleaning dishes as well as it would be good on environment considering that it will save precious water. With the current design of my kitchen it was difficult for me to decide a right place for it. My choice was not best but it was as simple I can think of :)

With my approach the inlet and outlet of the dishwasher were supposed to fixed permanently (not permanently but kinda permanent until I redesign my kitchen) such that I just have to install the dishes for cleaning and take out them once the cleaning is over. No hassles.

But my uncle has something different in mind. I respect him very much as well his ideas but as always his ideas tends to be too difficult to adapt for a simple human being, of course like me :)

I was deeply disappointed that he spend over 3 hours in doing the plumbing work on his own and still his efforts are not worth IMO. The outlet is not fixed and every time I will use the dishwasher I need to extend the pipe to the drainage.

The solution by my uncle might have make sense if I have to use this, say once in a month.

Now I have an extra burden to do this exercise every time I will clean the dishes and moreover nearly twice a day :)

Do not know but why people can't think simple .....


Vikas Mayur's Spot said...

I am finally relieved after my uncle fixed the stuff that I kinda disliked :)

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