Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Sloppy town planing adding its part to global warming

Summer is just started in India but I think it really started couple of months earlier in central part of India, Madhya Pradesh. Day by day its getting warmer. The ground water are remarkably low. 

Indore (sometimes also called mini Bombay) is the one of the worst hit area where people are leaving under the danger of depleting ground water levels. The only reason I think is less trees and no rain water harvesting (other then people do at home and that is again not with a good method) in the city.

Usually there has been many campaigns at different levels to spread awareness to people to plant tree but where is the space dude, this is town planning by our so called town planners. I have seen people leaving in very small houses, small streets, market space are not planned as well and its bizarre people tends to use street space too. I do not see if their is any space left to plant even a single tree.

Its a very chronic issue and cannot be solved overnight. Considering the damage that has been already done, it would be too difficult to even make this city greener ever.


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Pranay Pandey said...

This really good Vikas and real position right now. Needs people attraction to solve these issues here in Indore.
My parents use to say that before 15-20 years Indore was not like this and evening in Indore was so pleasant it is called "Shab-E-Malwa" but this is not the case in present situation.